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hewitt Narrow Pontoon lift

Complete copy of manufacturer's warranty available upon request or click here.

Hewitt Narrow Pontoon Lifts

Hewitt’s narrow pontoon lifts are ideal for shallow water applications where conventional boat lifts would not work.  As long as your pontoon can float this lift will get your boat out of the water while easily raising and lowering even the longest pontoon boats. Full-length beams are positioned between the pontoons, not beneath them, which evenly distributes weight to the boat’s deck and eliminates any risk of damage to the pontoons. Available in three standard sizes – 2000 lb with 20’ length, 2400 lb with 24’ length and 3000 lb with 28’ length. Hewitt's narrow pontoon lifts are built to the same high standards of durability that are a trademark of all Hewitt lifts.



  • Heavy duty all-aluminum construction - corrosion resistant, low maintenance.

  • Acetal delrin pulleys & stainless steel cable.

  • 15 year conditional warranty.

There are many different options to convert cantilever & vertical lifts to work with a pontoon boat.  Please contact us to help determine which lift will fit your boat & water application.
Hewitt Cantilever Aluminum Pontoon Lift

Cantilever shown with Aluminum Pontoon Bed

Hewitt Vertical with Adjustable Pontoon Rack Kit Lift

Vertical shown with Adjustable Pontoon Rack Kit


Floe VSD Pontoon Lifts

Floe Offers Pontoon Frame VSD lifts of which the 5000VSD is 4’ longer of a frame and the 6500 & 8000VSD lifts are 3’ Longer of a frame for additional support and stability for larger pontoon and tritoon boats.

floe pontoon.png

Complete copy of manufacturer's warranty available upon request or click here.

Pier Pleasure Vertical Pontoon lifts are designed 3 feet longer than standard lifts to provide additional lifting support of your investment.  Additional lift length increases lift stability in unfavorable weather conditions.

pier pleasure pontoon.JPG


  • Stainless steel bolts, stainless cable, & brass nuts.

  • Thick aluminum sheaves to maximize cable lift.

  • Grease zerks for easy lubricating.

  • Rigid diagonal V-bracing on both sides for strength.

  • V-braced design allows for non-restricted access to your boat from either side of lift.

  • Structural 20 year warranty.

Max Trademark Logo (1).jpg

Complete copy of manufacturer's warranty available upon request or click here.

Max Lifts MVL70144 offers the widest lift on the market with 12’ of inside Width for largest parking space of your pontoon boat.  Works excellent for new 10’ Wide Tritoons.  Lift is also 168” long creating a large footprint for excellent stability. 

max pontoon.png


  • Nylatron pulleys & tower guide rollers

  • Stainless steel leveling cables
    84” tall welded towers & industry leading lifting heights

  • 14’ long & has an inside beam of 144”

  • Innovative Tri-Cradle system--mirrors what trailer manufacturers do when accomodating today’s sophisticated hulls

wave armor pontoon port empty.JPG

Wave Armor Pontoon Ports

wave armor pontoon port.JPG


  • No power needed!

  • Fits pontoons and tritoons up to 25 ft!

  • Seconds to launch on the water!

  • Heavy duty self centering entrance guides.

  • Adjustable bow stop.

  • Adjustable center beam to fit most pontoons.

  • 22 Bow-tie rollers for easy on/off loading*

  • Multiple molded-in mounting pockets.

  • Front and side mounting options.

*Patent Pending (Pontoon Port & Rollers)

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