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Canopy Options



Canopy frame with crossbows positioned every two feet. Canopy is solidly mounted on telescoping legs with 3” x 3” side support tubes.

Pontoon & Boat Lift Canopy Covers



Allow more air movement while still providing excellent protection.


Superior Quality with 40 Years of Experience

We’ve been manufacturing pontoon & boat lift canopy covers for over 40 years, and we do it right. Not only are our covers double stitched, but all top and middle seams are heat welded to prevent thread rot and water leakage. Our covers are tailor-cut with state-of-the-art CNC equipment to properly fit their frames. Installation and removal is simple with standard tension cords which keep the canopy covers taut. Our covers are available in many sizes and can be designed for other applications as well, including carports, boat slip covers and rail system covers.

We’re proud of what we do, and of how well we do it, and we think you’ll be proud to protect your watercraft with our covers. Excellent customer service is a core value of our business, so if you have a special canopy need, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Non Hewitt Replacement Canopy fabrics available through Hewitt.  Call for more Information.

Hewitt Canopy Styles


Steeply pitched canopy rapidly sheds water. Higher profile and clean lines accentuate the color of your canopy.


Hewitt Canopy Fabric and Color Options

Standard Vinyl Canopy

Not all vinyl is created equal. Our standard 16 oz nylon with 9 x 9 reinforced vinyl is durable, waterproof and UV resistant to prevent premature fading. Reinforcement is placed in the material itself, stopping rips before they spread. Top seams are heat welded and waterproof. All vinyl canopies carry a 5-year warranty (100% coverage for 3 years).  Randomly textured finish comes in 7 popular colors: (Grey, Beige, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, and Black)



Arched canopy provides greater vertical clearance, allowing boat towers and pontoon Bimini tops to remain in upright position for storage. 5’ of clearance from top of canopy to bottom of the sides.  

Defender Canopy

19 oz marine fabric made from combining fabric with a textured marine grade vinyl. Waterproof and has a fluorocarbon finish for UV, water, mildew and fade resistance. Choose from 11 popular colors. Other colors available through special order.



Functionality and great appearance. Pontoon Legs protect your boat from the bottom up — Our free standing canopies protect it from the top down. All aluminum free standing canopy frames and a wide selection of colors.

Exposure to sun, wind and driving rain can ruin your pontoon from the inside out. Cracking, fading and peeling not only takes away from the look, comfort and function of your pontoon, it reduces the value. Hewitt custom-designed free standing canopies provide years of beautiful, maintenance-free protection. Canopies are available in 120” or 138” widths and a wide variety of lengths. Choose from four styles: standard, tower, peak roof or curtain frame with vinyl or Defender fabric covering.

canopy defender.JPG

Floe Maxis Canopy

With the Push of a button the canopy raises or lowers for easy access and entry for boats with towers and bimini tops.

64” Deep Sides for maximum protection.


Floe Canopy


FLOE boat lift canopies offer greater boat protection than competitors lifts with their extra deep fabric and framework. Your canopy will not blow in or up and will keep your boat fully covered. The upscale style with tailor-fit fabric has a refined look and is held taut with the exclusive Quick-Clip™ fabric attachment system.

FLOE uses a premium-grade solution dyed fabric that is water resistant, has a more luxurious look and weighs 50% less than comparable vinyl fabrics for easy removal and installation. The SDP fabric is urethane coated and UV protected. In addition to the durable construction, the full-length seams are heat sealed to minimize leaks.

FLOE offers a variety of canopy lengths and widths to accommodate different watercraft sizes. The canopy frames adjust vertically and horizontally so your boat weight is perfectly balanced on the lift and your boat is covered.

Canopy Fabric Colors

actual colors will vary from web colors


Pier Pleasure Raising End Canopy

Boats with towers and pontoons with bimini tops will benefit from the canopy end opening to allow easy entrance and exiting from the boat lift. The REC System’s canopy tarp has unique mesh end windows on both ends for air flow along with both 12-volt or 110-volt power options.


Pier Pleasure Canopy

Pier Pleasure offers a strong, all-welded frame with a sliding end that adjusts for easier tarp installation and removal. The tarp is secured in place by a continuous elastic shock cord and s-hooks, which make for simple installation and removal.

There are three choices of canopy tarps available. Pier Pleasure offers SeaMark™ Marine Fabric, a beautiful, colorfast Sunbrella® fabric that is waterproofed by combining the fabric with a textured marine grade vinyl backing. SeaMark™ has been a favorite of Pier Pleasure customers due to its beautiful appearance and durability. Hydrofend fabric is another choice offered by Pier Pleasure. Hydrofend is lightweight, reasonably priced and a durable material that stands up to elements at the lake. Also, Pier Pleasure offers a high-grade 18-ounce vinyl.

Pier Pleasure’s canopy frame shape, unique sliding end and choices in canopy tarp materials combine to provide you with excellent boat protection that will look beautiful on your shoreline. Also available is our freestanding canopy frame that allows you to use Pier Pleasure’s canopies over track systems and pontoons with underdeck lifting kits. 

Sliding Canopy Ends

Sliding ends on both ends of the canopy frame adjust for easier installation and removal. The canopy tarp will fit perfectly every time.

Max Trademark Logo (1).jpg

Max Lift Stordry Canopy

When MAX set out to build the finest watercraft canopy system, the challenge was to eliminate many of the issues that plague other companies’ canopies. This includes limited coverage from the elements, flimsy, shallow frames that do not hold up in high winds, and premature vinyl wear caused by loose fitting vinyls and sharp edges on the framework. MAX’s deep canopy frame coupled with longer valance options provides up to 53” of coverage for your watercraft. The end result – a superious system that protects your investment well beyond what most companies feel is acceptable.


The stordry canopy features thick 18 ox. Shelter-rite, heat welded seams to eliminate leaks, vinyl reinforcements in key areas to reduce chafing, and mesh ends at both ends to allow air flow inside the canoy.  Max’s stordry canopy is backed by an industry leading seven year limited warranty.  Adjustable End Rails allow for easy installation and a tight fit every time. 

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