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Roll In


Hewitt Roll-A-Dock Decking Options



  • Unique V-type bracing reduces the clear span on a 32' dock to only 21'.  This design gives the wheel assembly superior strength both front & rear, & assures maximum stability on soft or rocky bottoms.

  • Exclusive connecting system -- there is no loss of strength, even at the joints.

  • Tapered frame incorporates design principles proven in bridge & rafter construction.  This design provides maximum strength with minimum weight.  The open sides of the frame also improve stability by reducing wave resistance.

  • The height adjusting winch & cable is located inside the dock frame.  There are no exposed parts to snag--nothing to damage your boat when you pull along side. 

  • The height adjusting winch is operated with a removable hand crank--height adjustments can be made while standing on the deck. Dock Heights adjust from 2.5’-5.5’ and  up to 8’ with the Deep Water Kit. 

  • Decking is bolted to the frame providing superior stability.

  • Quiet Tape is added between aluminum Decking and frame to ensure a quiet sound while walking on the dock. 

  • Available in hot-dipped galvanized or aluminum frame. 

  • Hardware is stainless steel or Durlak coated.

  • 15 year conditional warranty.

Complete copy of manufacturer's warranty available upon request or click here.


Powder-Coated Aluminum White or Beige






Hewitt Ultra Dock Decking Options

Ultra Dock


  • Tough Durable Dock like the Roll a Dock with the ability to easily separate each section for storage and easier install and removal each season

  • All welded Tube Truss Frame for excellent strength.

  • Docks available in 4x8, 4x12, 4x16, and 6x8

  • Available in White Aluminum, Wood Grain Aluminum, and Thru Flow Decking.

  • All decking is non-removable for superior stability.

  • Screw adjustable legs allow for easy adjustment and leveling from the top of the dock without getting in the water.

  • Dock Legs available for dock heights from 31" - 87"


Aluminum White


Wood Grain Aluminum



Complete copy of manufacturer's warranty available upon request or click here.

floe quick attach.png
floe roll in.png

Floe Roll-In Decking Options

floe chestnut decking.jpg

Aluma-Grain Chestnut


Grey Aluminum


  • Quick-Attach makes it simple to connect sections together & attach accessories easily anywhere

  • Wheel kits on every section eliminates stress on unsupported mid-sections.  Also, the wheel kits ensure that you lift less than half of the weight of one section no matter how long your dock is.

  • Effortlessly level each section independently from the top with a cordless drill or ratchet.

  • Available to install in water depths up to 9’ deep.

  • Standard wheel is drilled & fills with water for ballast.

  • Bridge-type truss dock structure.

  • Aluminum frame, stainless steel & aluminum hardware.

  • 15 year limited warranty.

Complete copy of manufacturer's warranty available upon request or click here.

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