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All Paddle King Paddle Boats feature a double rudder system for better steering, 2 paddle wheels for more water push with less effort, & enclosed paddles to eliminate splash-up for quieter use. Paddle King offers many accessory options including trailers, covers, cup holders, ladders & tables!


PK 3000

  • 2 person, 520 lb capacity

  • 12' aluminum pontoons

  • Easy maintenance vinyl flooring

  • Many color options


PK 4400

  • 4 person, 750 lb capacity

  • 13' aluminum pontoons

  • Easy maintenance vinyl flooring


Also Available by Special Order

lo pro cruiser 3.png

Lo Pro Cruiser

lo pro angler.png

Lo Pro Angler


Radisson Canoes are constructed of a single sheet of 5052 marine grade aluminum which will not become brittle, delaminate, peel, check, waterlog, rot, shrink or swell. This material makes these canoes one of the lightest on the market and it assures a uniform thickness throughout the hull.

kiwi logo.png

Kiwi Clear Kayaks will afford you a new dimension in exploration: the ability to see what's beneath the water's surface while you paddle. In a world of sameness, Kiwi Kayaks are Clearly Different® and truly remarkable.

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