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  • Capacities of 4400 lbs to 12,100 lbs.

  • Corrosion-resistant all-aluminum frame.

  • Carpeted tilting bunks attached to 3"x 3" aluminum tube & reinforced with 3" aluminum strap.

  • Extra heavy duty, reinforced cantilever design has large V-plates welded between the lift arms to prevent swaying.

  • Heavy-gauge welded pivot points with stainless steel pivot pins.

  • Choice of power supply:  115V & 220V AC models or 12V & 24V DC battery powered.

  • Push-button control & 2 key-fob wireless remote controls.

  • Available options include solar cell battery charger, pump stand & lighting kit.

  • With optional bracing & leg kits these lifts can be used in water up to 8' deep.

  • 15 year conditional warranty

Complete copy of manufacturer's warranty available upon request or click here.


With a reliable, rugged and extremely easy to operate Pier Pleasure Hydraulic Boat Lift, you’ll never hesitate to use your boat again. The hydraulic cylinder is enclosed in a beam assembly. This allows for easy installation on any Pier Pleasure vertical boat lift. There is no direct exposure of the cylinder to water and no exposed moving hydraulic cylinder parts. This will provide a clean appearance and safe operation of the lift. Stainless bolts, pins and brass nuts are used on all lifts and accessories to prevent corrosion and maintain a clean appearance for many years. Remote fobs operate the hydraulic system along with the control box that can be mounted on the lift upright. Available from 3000-10,000lbs capacity – All 12V Power.

Complete copy of manufacturer's warranty available upon request or click here.

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