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Hewitt Cantilever Lifts have a long history of trouble-free performance.  They require few moving parts for superior reliability & place less stress on pulleys & cables.  In the lift's fully raised position, cables carry no weight, the load is entirely supported by the frame.  Corrosion resistant aluminum construction also assures low maintenance – no rust, no painting.

Hewitt Cantilever Boat Lift

Hewitt Cantilever Lifts Unique Pivot Point Pivots on a pipe not a bolt.  This heavy duty construction allows for years of worry free operation.  Where other Cantilever Lifts that may pivot on a bolt will wear at the pivot points, Hewitt’s Cantilever Lifts set the Standard for Quality Construction Design ensuring many years of trouble free operation. 

Complete copy of manufacturer's warranty available upon request or click here.


  • Aluminum Box Winch

  • Stainless Steel Hardware  & Cable

  • Exterior Mounted Legs with Pins

  • 15 Year Structural Warranty

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