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Floating & Drive-On

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Wave Armor PWC WavePorts

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Wave Armor jet ski lifts for personal watercrafts are 100% RotoMolded tough for extreme performance and durability and are foam filled for a virtually unsinkable investment. Our PWC Ports are the easiest Drive On/Roll Off Port in the market. Designed with the PWC and Jet Ski enthusiast in mind, all Wave Armor PWC Ports include features that are above and beyond industry standard.

Complete copy of manufacturer's warranty available upon request or click here.


  • Unsinkable, foam-filled polyethylene construction.

  • Guide roller aligns the watercraft.

  • Premium quality, heavy duty side rollers.

  • Molded-in pontoon provide excellent stability.

  • Molded bow stop with tie-down cleat.

  • 700-2100 lbs. capacity.

  • 3 Mounting Styles – Hoop Mount Kit: slides over pilings, Hinge Mount Kit: attaches to dock with bolts or lag screws, or free standing mount kit secured to lake bottom with pipe and augers.

  • Wave Armor offers 4 versions of drive on wave ports to fit all of the styles of PWC's available today from the smaller Spark, the the largest 3 seater with a deep hull.


Complete copy of manufacturer's warranty available upon request or click here.

Wave Armor Boat WavePorts

SLX10 waveport has a modular design, making it suitable for boats up to 30′ in length. These large self-leveling floating ports fully distributes vessel weight over the full span, providing exceptional lift and buoyancy (up to 8,000 lbs with no air assistance). The three modular designs allows you to expand your SLX10 port length infinitely for longer vessels.  These large ports feature adjustable bunks to match any keel design (keeping the vessel square on the port) and heavy duty keel rollers that make boarding and off-boarding simple and smooth. The newest addition to the Wave Armor boat port line! The Pro 8 Boat Port is engineered to be the most customizable docking system, supporting boats up to 4,200 lbs. Features an adjustable bow stop and optional push-arm system. Ideal for jet boats and watercrafts with
smaller engines.

boat waveport with boat.png

WavePort SLX

boat waveport slx10-4900.jpg
boat waveport genesis with boat.png

WavePort Genesis

wave armor pontoon port empty.JPG

Wave Armor Pontoon Ports

wave armor pontoon port.JPG


  • No power needed!

  • Fits pontoons and tritoons up to 25 ft!

  • Seconds to launch on the water!

  • Heavy duty self centering entrance guides.

  • Adjustable bow stop.

  • Adjustable center beam to fit most pontoons.

  • 22 Bow-tie rollers for easy on/off loading*

  • Multiple molded-in mounting pockets.

  • Front and side mounting options.

*Patent Pending (Pontoon Port & Rollers)



The perfect companion for a floating dock is the Boat Port, a floating lift ideal for deep water applications but can be used in as little as 4’ to 8’ of water (dependent on lift size). Boat Port lifts may be installed on almost any structurally sound aluminum, steel or wood floating dock that has an “L” or “U”-shaped configuration where there is at least one walkway finger or pier extending down the side of the boat. Lift operation requires access to a 115V AC receptacle. Optionally, a small portable generator or 24V battery may be used to power the pump lift. Boat Port lifts can also be installed on stationary dock provided water levels do not rise or fall more than a total of 16”.


Standard Large BoatPort


  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel frames.

  • Frames are welded, not bolted for greater strength & durability.

  • Heavy duty, UV protected polyethylene floatation tanks.

  • Top-mounted float tanks keep all metal parts & hardware out of the water in the lift's raised position.

  • Adjustable, marine carpeted bunk systems.

Complete copy of manufacturer's warranty available upon request or click here.

EZD_Logo 2 Color (1).jpg

EZ Port 280

The EZ Port 280 widebody design is the widest port on the market, with 10” additional walkway space on each side of the craft, making loading and unloading effortless no matter the type of waterfront location. The EZ Port 280 is the perfect solution for those looking for an easy-to-access, drive-on port to keep their PWC high and dry in both saltwater and freshwater applications.

ez port 280.png


  • 80” W x 156” L x 15” H

  • combines EZ Dock’s quality and durability with 33% more width than our most popular PWC port

  • game-changing expanded design allows for greater ease when cleaning and maintaining your PWC

  • EZ Port 280 connects seamlessly with any EZ Dock system

  • compatible with all existing docks, and can be secured to the shore or lakebed without a dock

  • Available in beige and gray


This smaller PWC lift gives you real peace of mind, knowing that your PWC is well-protected against the weather, waves, wakes, or sinking at the dock. It makes cleaning, maintaining and boarding your PWC as effortless as easing it onto the port or into the water. The VXP is a small jet ski launch designed to accommodate virtually any brand or type of shorter-end PWC under 1,300 pounds.

ez port vxp.png

Complete copy of manufacturer's warranty available upon request or click here.


  • 153" L x 58.5" W x 14.6" H

  • split entryway with 8 adjustable rollers and a molded-in bow stop get you in and out of the port quickly

  • Anti-slip surfacing and suction pockets under the port make getting on and off your PWC smooth, stable, and easy.

  • easy to cover, clean, secure, and access for maintenance

  • compatible with existing docks and EZ Dock systems, or can be secured to the shore or lakebed without a dock.

  • Available in beige or gray 

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