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Reinstall Form

If you would like Schmidt Boat Lifts & Docks to reinstall your waterfront equipment in Spring, please complete & submit this form.


Due to many variables beyond our control, including but not limited to the wind & weather, & in an effort to be as efficient as possible, we feel it is almost impossible to guarantee a specific date for your equipment to be reinstalled.  To that effect, we do not schedule reinstalls nor do we have a schedule of dates for this service to be performed.  We do not guarantee reinstall service to be complete by any specific date/holiday.  We are not responsible for items left on or near your equipment (e.g., irrigation parts, planters, electrical cords, stairs). 


By completing this form, you acknowledge these terms & will be responsible for reinstall service charges unless you cancel in writing or by email ( prior to arrival on site or any work being performed.

Please complete all fields.  An email confirmation will be sent when received by our office.

Do you need Schmidt Boat Lifts & Docks to reinstall your equipment?
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By submitting this form, you agree that you read & understand the above information.

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